General Questions

Q: What is Flapps, what does it do?

A: Flapps is web-based online software for businesses that need to track time and project expenses and to manage their employees time off.


Q: Can I download Flapps and install it on my computer?

A: No. Flapps is a web-based software. You need internet connection and a web browser to use it.


Q: How do I pay for Flapps if I decide to use it?

A: We accept all major credit cards, or for yearly subscriptions, we accept wire transfers.


Q: If I need to change my payment card details how do I do it?

A: To enter new payment details simply do the following: Click on More -> Configuration -> Payment (from the smaller options shown) and enter your new details.


Q: Will the data from the Free trial data be carried over to the paid account?

A: Yes. All data is migrated to your paid account. All Clients, Projects, and Employee list are carried over to your paid account together with the logged work, expenses and time off.


Q: Will you extend my free trial if I do not have enough time to try Flapps?

A: Gladly. We can understand that you are busy and time flies. Just send us an email and we will add 30 extra days.


Q: Will I be charged automatically when the free trial is over?

A: No. We do not ask for your credit card information during sign up. You can quit using it anytime. Your account becomes inactive. No questions asked.


Q: Is there a limit for the number of users during the Free Trial?

A: No. Your free trial account allows unlimited users and all features are enabled. Feel free to invite more people at your company to try Flapps.


Q: Where are my data stored?

A: All Flapps collected data are stored in Amazon EC2 Cloud datacenter in Virginia. From our experience, Amazon provides the most reliable services. Other companies that use Amazon Web services are Netflix, Foursquare, Zynga and many others.


Q: Can I really cancel anytime?

A: Yes. Flapps is a monthly paid service where you can cancel anytime. No fine print to say otherwise. And of course, you can export all your data into excel to take with you.


Q: If I stop paying on my account, can I resume paying at a later date and continue using Flapps?

A: Yes. Flapps will let you do that. We will work with you whatever your temporary situation might be. We will keep your inactive data for free, for up to three months after the account becomes past due or inactive.