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Employees and Organizational Structure

Creating new employees in Flapps is very simple. Please read the steps and explanation of the process.

Go to:

  • -> Configuration
  • -> Employees and click the
  • -> Large plus sign  
  • -> Create New User

Important Note: Enter the top managers first, then the lower level staff and regular employees last.

Enter the Employee ID, First and Last Name, Email and all personal information. An Employee ID is not required, but it must be unique if you decide to use it.

Scroll down to additional Employee Settings. Make sure User is set to Active and the daily workload is set.

  • Select the employee's manager from the drop-down menu. If you do not see the manager's name in the menu, you can leave it blank and come back to change the manager later after they've been created in the system.


  • Last, select the roles that the employee should have in Flapps. For more information on User Roles in Flapps click here.

Click 'Save' and repeat for other employees. An email will be sent to a new employee with their Sign In information.

*Note: If you don't want an employee to receive a notification email just uncheck the the Notify Employee box when creating the employee.