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Initial Set Up Questions


Q: What are the first steps to setup Flapps for time and expense tracking?

A: First, create Tasks, define Clients and Projects and create Expense Categories.



Q: What should be the first steps to setup Flapps as a Time Off management tool?

A: Start with defining your Leave types (PTO, LOA). Second, create employees and managers and then assign each the starting balance. After that you are all set to have your employees request time off.



Q: Do I need to enter US public holidays into the system?
A:No. US public holidays are already setup in the system. You will want to edit public holidays  if you are from a different country to your country holidays.



Q: I changed my role from being just admin to also project administrator, but I still can not see nor create projects.

A: You need to Sign out and Sign back in for the user role change to take effect.


Q: Why does Flapps allow me to delete some Time Off types while some are missing the red delete icon.

A: You can delete time off type only if no employee has ever requested it. After that you can only deactivate it to make sure your past reports stay consistent.

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