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Time Off not calculating correctly.

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Jul 16, 2014
Billy Polansky wrote
We have our company set up so that overtime contributes to additional vacation time. It appears as if this is not being accurately calculated. The reports are showing the "Holiday total claim" to be much lower than what I've calculated manually by looking at timesheets. How can this be fixed?
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6 Answers
Jul 17, 2014
Taras agent wrote
Is the employee's monthly timesheet approved and closed? That is when overtime is added to vacation time. You need to close timesheets at the end of each month, for employees not to be able to edit anymore. Only approved time in worksheets gets added to vacation time. Please send me the details, which employee, which month and what amounts did you calculate. If you give us permission, we can look into his values. Thank you.
Jul 17, 2014
Taras agent wrote
As a workaround, to modify/fix the value, you can go to Configuration > Employee > Time Off Settings and increase the value for the year for particular employee, then his vacation time will show correctly.
Jul 17, 2014
Billy Polansky wrote
I'm looking at 2014, February through December. Our time off "year" starts in February and overtime contributes to additional vacation time. From what I've calculated from the timesheet data, it looks like most of the numbers are wrong. The only ones that look close are: Erin King, Ellen Moore, Lori McCurdy, and Trish Woolbright. I give you permission to look at our file to figure out this bug.

Here is what I calculated as the "Holiday Actual Remaining Balance":

Heather Gillich 220.5 hrs
Kelsey Grant 131.75
Carrie Hargrove 70.75
Liberty Hunter 155.5
Erin King 45
Lori McCurdy 0
Ellen Moore 5.44
Billy Polansky 57
Adam Saunders 40
Trish Woolbright 116.5

Jul 21, 2014
Taras agent wrote
Hello Billy, we were able to locate the problem in the application. We will be deploying an update later today, that should take care of the incorrect balances, provided that all the worksheets are properly closed. I will let you know when the update has been released, then we can look at individual employees one by one, first, to see if all their worksheets are closed, second if the balance is correct.
Jul 23, 2014
Taras agent wrote
Hi Billy,

could you please email me details, how did you calculate the remaining balance for couple employees. For example Carrie and Heather. We are looking into it and we need to know how you calculated those hours.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jul 30, 2014
Billy Polansky wrote
What I did was add together take the difference in their monthly timesheet. Added the 10 days of vacation time they began with in February and then subtracted any vacation time they have requested for the future or taken in the past.

Hope this helps. Let me know. Thanks