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Release notes


[Improvement] The Time Tracking page has had changes made to its layout with a new interactive Billable button replacing the old $ (dollar) sign. Companies can decide to switch off the widget from the dashboard by clicking on it.

[Improvement] List of Time Off now has an improvement to its function with an interactive column (Used) now available. Clicking on this column will give you a detailed breakdown of time off used for a current time period. 

 January 23,  2017  Taras Baca



[Upgrade] All front-end (Javascript) libraries have been upgraded to the newest version and overall performance has been improved.

[Improvement] Clients & Projects have changes to the Edit client option including the page -> Client's contact. The customer will have access to projects they are connected to and will they will only be able to see this screen and approve entered data on this screen.

[Improvement] Attendance detail screen has new options added to it. There is now a notification icon (!) for project managers about modifications, task names and there is an option to approve CLOCK IN/OUT records.

[New Option] Attendance approve screen now has an additional new option called Approvals. Here you will find grouped data from attendance detail screen and you can approve all values with just one click.

 October 11,  2016  Taras Baca



[New Option] New Holiday filter added: We have introduced a new holiday filter feature within the configuration tab. It now allows you to add multiple country specific public holidays to your calendar. To access this click on Configuration -> Holidays. To add new countries to the list you have to first put them into your database by clicking on Configuration -> Countries -> Large + button and then add the countries you need.

[Improvement] Employee ID: The individual ID number for each employee now shows alongside the rest of his or her details on the Employees section. Previously the ID was only visible when creating a new user.

[Improvement] HR and HR Admin roles defined: A regular HR person no longer has access to all of the admin pages. The HR Admin now assumes the power to delegate access to various screens according to company protocol.

 July 18,  2016  Taras Baca



[Update] Clock in/out box: when using the clock in /out mobile attendance box the log in times are now configured immediately. Please note, this service is only available to existing customers only. 

[Improvement] Time sheets improved for Project Manager use: Each employee day now showing hours worked and separate data entry for any overtime logged that day.

[New Feature] Client’s Contacts: This new feature is located in the Clients & Projects tab and allows you to enter the contact details for every client you deal with. To set this up you need to enter the edit client section by clicking on the name of the client you wish to add.

 June 1,  2016  Taras Baca



[Improvement] CEO/Main Manager no longer needs to have somebody else approve their time off requests. Once they select their desired time off, they simply need to click the green arrow that appears beside their request summary for the request to be accepted in the system. 

[Fix] Yearly Overview Calendar: Interactive calendar no longer selects a large amount of days when selecting several dates. 

 April 12,  2016  Taras Baca



[Improvement] Time and Expense Tracking - these feature are now split into two different options which you can access the following way: Configuration -> Settings, you will find both Time Tracking and Expense Tracking on the list of options on the left.

[Improvement] New Colour Chart included on Monthly Summary and Yearly Overview - both of these calendars now have a colour chart outlining what each colour represents in terms of Time Off at the bottom of the calendar. 

[Fix] The individual days on the Monthly Summary Calendar and Yearly Overview calendar are now completely full when you have a day off or half full if you take anything under a full day off from work. The colour of the box depends on the type of time off requested.   

 March 11,  2016  Taras Baca



[Improvement] Yearly Overview Calendar now fully supported (with bugs removed) by Internet Explorer 

[Improvement] Time & Expense Tracking (Configuration -> Settings -> Time and Expense Tracking) now contains two separate options that clearly show you how to switch off either Time Tracking or Expense Tracking.

[Fix] Daily Timesheet: You cannot complete your daily timesheet if you select Client but do not fill in the Project menu box. You must enter both Client and Project to successfully log your hours. 

 February 29,  2016  Taras Baca



[Improvement] A manager can now change the start time of each employee on their Daily time sheet. To do so you first need to have switched the method of time tracking to Chronological Time Tracking: Configuration -> Settings -> Time and Expense Tracking -> Time Tracking Method -> Chronological Time Tracking.

[Improvement] You can now hide the Live Chat and Support Menu button from your screen. To do so: Configuration -> Settings -> General -> uncheck the box from the options, Show Support menu & Show Live Chat button.

[Fix] Request Time Off and Yearly overview of Time Off now allows employees to go over their allotted company days off if they have worked enough overtime hours that is transferred to time off. Previously you would receive a notification stating error if you tried to request more days off than you had left to take. However, for this to be approved the company must have switched the Allow Time Off Limit button off. To do so: Configuration -> Settings -> Time Off -> Allow Time Off Limit.

 February 24,  2016  Taras Baca



[Bug] Time Off Spending Overview bug fixed.

[Bug] Time Off Spending Report bug fixed. 

 February 9,  2016  Taras Baca



[Feature] New Time Off Request: yearly overview calendar is now interactive allowing you the ability to request all time off features.

[Improvement] Overtime Feature: Change to the Types of Time Off – Edit Type Of Time Off.

If you check the convert overtime to time off box it allows you to convert overtime to time off on a daily basis. If the box is unchecked, overtime is no longer counted in minutes but days. This applies to Yearly PTO Bank Amount and Limit Amount (days) options.

[Bug] Employee Settings: When the company no longer employed an employee and was therefore no longer active it was causing a crash when the option set to active was unchecked in employee settings. This has been resolved. 

[Bug] Creating a time off spending report no longer causes an error to appear.

[Bug] Time off page bug fixed that now allows greater volume of traffic on page.

[Bug] Project Import no longer showing error report on page.

 February 5,  2016  Taras Baca



[Improvement] System upgraded to more powerful servers

[Fix] Employee import

[Improvement] Lunch deductions now added as an extra option

 January 7, 2016  Taras Baca



[Feature] Mobile Attendance – new clock in / out system introduced via Flapps

[Improvement] User interface improvements

[Improvement] Reassign of Project Manager – new Project Manager easily replacing previous Project Manager

 November 11, 2015  Taras Baca



[Bug] Fixed the recursive Line Manager assignment

 October 22, 2015  Taras Baca



[Improvement] Reassign Line Manager – new Line Manager easily replacing previous Line Manager

[Bug] Notifications – JIRA and Project hours rejecting - fixed

[Feature] Invoicing – new system now includes sales tax / VAT support

[Improvement] Search on weekly sheet, project, client, test

[Improvement] Deselect all employees on comprehensive report

 September 15, 2015  Taras Baca



[Feature] Project Manager substitution - PM can appoint a substitute to see his projects and approve project timesheets
[Feature] Line Manager can enter hours on behalf of subordinates on Daily and Weekly sheet
[Feature] Project manager can enter hours on behalf of project team members on Daily and Weekly sheet
[Improvement] Weekly sheet usability improvements
 August 5, 2015  Taras Baca



[Improvement] Eliminated possibility to run into problems by using unsupported versions of browsers
 June 25, 2015  Taras Baca



[Feature] Food vouchers (ticket restaurant) feature released for European customers.
[Fix] Resolved a Internet Explorer compatibility issue in Project Timesheets
 April 12, 2015  Taras Baca




[Improvement] Payroll report can now show separate hours worked on Saturday and Sunday
 March 11, 2015  Taras Baca



[Fix] Frequent tasks and frequent projects show first in the pull-down menu on Daily Sheet
[Fix] Fixed employee photo upload problem
 February 18, 2015  Taras Baca




[Fix] Frequent tasks and frequent projects show first in the pull-down menu on Daily Sheet
[Fix] Fixed employee photo upload problem
 February 18, 2015  Taras Baca




[Feature] Mass closing and mass reopening of timesheet feature
 February 18, 2015  Taras Baca


[Improvement] Employee Timesheet - weekly, custom start date
[Feature] Project Timesheets and approval by PM
[Feature] Email notifications
[Improvement] Vacation carry over
[Fix] JIRA plugin
[Feature] Online Manual
 January 6, 2015  Taras Baca


[Design] Dashboard redesigned
[Design] Daily Sheet redesigned
[Design] Weekly Sheet redesigned
[Design] Menu Layout
[Feature] Extended Dashboard settings
[Feature] Employees XLS import and export
[Feature] Projects XLS import and export
[Feature] Cost Centers XLS import and export
[Feature] Custom irregular working calendar and import
[Feature] Exception-based Time Tracking
[Fix] Project Settings - all hours billable by default
 December 2, 2015  Taras Baca