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You can create comprehensive invoices that cover all your work with clients and ... more
Employee Client Report
The Employee Client Report allows you to create reports that offer you a complet... more
Employee Daily Report
The Employee Daily Report gives you the opportunity to create a tailored excel s... more
Time Off Report
The Time Off Report is a great tool for creating a detailed excel sheet that you... more
Employee Report & Company Report
The Employee Report allows you to create a report that provides you with a summa... more
Time Tracking: Timesheets
TIMESHEETS Tracking time with Flapps is done by using the timesheets. There ar... more
Time Tracking: Weekly Timesheet
The Weekly Timesheet Tracking time with Flapps is done by using the timesheets.... more
Employee Export & Import
Employee Export _From your Home page_ -> go to Configuration -> employ... more
Switching Off Options You Do Not Use
To switch off the options you do not wish to see on your account simply do the f... more
Project / Line Manager Substitution
We have introduced a new feature that allows project managers and line managers ... more
Create New Client and Projects
If you need to add a new client and project to your Flapps account. Below you wi... more
Daily & Weekly Timesheet
Your Time Tracking page allows you two options for tracking your working week. Y... more
Create New Type Of Expense
To create a new type of expense just do the following: From your Flapps homepag... more
Add New Expense
To add a new expense to your Flapps account to the following: From your Fla... more
Create New Task
If you need to add a new task to something you are working on just do the follow... more
Create New User
Creating a new user is simple with Flapps. Just follow the below guidelines. ... more
Employees and Organizational Structure
Creating new employees in Flapps is very simple. Please read the steps and expla... more
Creating Time Tracking Tasks
The list of Tasks is common for the entire company. It allows for better cross-d... more
User Roles Explained
Flapps supports nine different user roles to match users' position in the compan... more
Time Tracking Methods
Flapps supports two time tracking methods that can be configured in Configuratio... more
Monthly Approval Process Explained
Flapps provides an enterprise-level approval process of monthly time sheets. For... more
Time Off Approval Process Explained
The Time Off approval process is very straight forward and starts with an employ... more