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Project / Line Manager Substitution

We have introduced a new feature that allows project managers and line managers to nominate a substitute project / line manager to take over the employee time off requests & timesheet duty of their team members when they are on vacation.

The new feature will notify the project / line manager and the person selected via email confirmation.

To select this new feature simply follow the below steps.

From the Flapps homepage click on your name (top right of page)

-> Click on My Settings General 

-> Application Settings Select a substitute

-> Save (on name of person) 

The person selected will now be in control of approving daily and weekly timesheets along with any time off requests until the original project / line manager returns to work.

When the project / line manager returns to work they simply have to: 

-> Select a substitute > click None

-> Save

The substitute will receive an email informing them that they are no longer responsible for approving the requests.