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Is it possible to track hours for a client without having to create a project for that client?

Billy Polansky wrote
Apr 04, 2014
We would like to do this. Currently for a client's name to show up on the drop-down menu where you record your time, that client must have a "project". It would be nice if we could avoid the step of creating a project and just track time according to the client.
1 Answer
agent Taras wrote
Apr 08, 2014
for your situation I suggest you create one project for the client and track all hours on that project. To avoid the 2 steps of selecting a client and project on the daily sheet, please go to Configuration -> Settings -> Time and Expense Tracking tab and select Task - Project (Client) from the Daily sheet items pull down menu instead of Task - Client - Project. This will save you one step each time you track time.