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Unable to approve Time Off

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Garry Trinder wrote
Jan 06, 2014
I have added in time off which has a status of Open, however when I go to approve them, the system does not approve the time off.

How to recreate the issue.

1. Create a vacation time off request for an employee
2. Go to Time Off Calendar
3. Click on an "open" request
4. Click "Approve"

On clicking the "Approve" button, I am redirected to where only the below is displayed on screen

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If I go back to the dashboard and view the time off request again, it still shows as Open.

Can this be looked into ASAP as this is stopping my from approving the previous months timesheets, for December 2013, as there are unapproved time off requests for this month. Thank you.

I am the Account Administrator so have full rights to our system.
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agent Taras wrote
Jan 06, 2014
Dear Garry, I apologize for the problem. The issue has been forwarded to tech team as we speak. I will let you know when it is resolved.
Garry Trinder wrote
Jan 06, 2014
This was resolved by making sure the employee has a line manager assigned.